"There's no place like home"

Domestic help for persons
in need of care.

Domestic help for persons in need of care.

Our Mission

There comes a moment in life when you realise that dealing with everyday life increasingly demands too much of your strength. This doesn't have to mean that you have to rely only on yourself. With the help of our caregivers, you can continue to enjoy your home to the fullest for a long time. Our task is to relieve you of the burden of household chores. Our housekeepers will help you with everyday tasks such as tidying up, shopping and preparing meals. Constant presence of the caregiver makes you feel secure and safe. Your family can sleep sound as you are in good hands.

"There is no place like home "

sitter sind Sonne
eine alte Dame mit Brille
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what we offer

Our company offers care at home, directly with the person to be taken care of. The service is individually tailored to you and your needs. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We care about both - our clients and our caregivers.


Help with the following everyday household chores such as tidying up, washing, ironing, preparing meals, shopping, accompanying to doctor's appointments, going for a walk, in daily life in general.



Care and assistance 24 hours a day. The caregiver lives with you at home and helps with everyday tasks such as daily toileting, changing, bathing, eating.



Actively organising time by going for walks, board games, reading books and newspapers together, looking at old photographs, going out together for example to a museum, gallery - depending on the local possibilities. Encouraging the elderly to take part in activities, to improve their mental and physical well-being.

ausflüge mit Senioren


Help and support whenever you need it, when you need it - even during holidays, Easter and Christmas.

babysitterin ist immer weiter


The caregiver is always with you, She can provide help in unexpected and urgent cases or, if necessary, or can call for appropriate help at any time.

das Unternehmen kümmert sich um alles


We take over planning of all appointments such as arrival, departure of the housekeeper and change of household staff. If you feel that there is no "chemistry" between you and the caregiver, contact us. We will address this issue together and find a solution that is satifying for everyone.

wir treffen uns persönlich


We are there for you! If you need additional information or if you would like an in person conversation, we are happy to make an appointment.

aktive Telefon


We are at your service with advice and help during entire time of service. We monitor and support our caregivers through frequent visits.

Hilfe und Unterstützung


We secure experienced, warm and pleasant caregivers who bring a lot of patience and flexibility with them. Our caregivers also speak German (or French) at a communicative level.

What do we expect?

It is important to us that the housekeepers are treated with respect and feel comfortable with you at home. We would like to ask you to provide them with a separate and furnished room, access to a bathroom. Your caregiver will be happy to have an internet access so that she can keep in touch with her family and friends. We also expect that good quality groceries/meals at home will be taken into account. Caregiver off time will be discussed together.